Creation of the directory " C:\Android " in which we are going to install everything.

For the installation of the eCLIPSE development environment, we extract the directory " eclipse ", contained in the zip file, in the directory c:\Android. Http://

Also for the installation of the Android SDK, we extract the directory " android-sdk-windows ", contained in the zip file, in the directory c:\Android. Http: //

For the development, the JDK Java has to be installed.

It is then necessary to add the path of the SDK in the PATH variable of your system. For that purpose, click with the right button on your workstation icon, then go to the tab " Advanced Parameters ". Click the button " Variables of environment ", edit the variable system " PATH ", and add at the end of line the path towards the directory " tools " of the SDK Android. In our case, add "; c:\Android\android-sdk-windows " and apply.

We have to integrate the Android plugin into Eclipse. Execute the Eclipse software (the first execution may be long ). Go to the menu "Help / software Updates..." Go to the tab " Available Software ". Click " Add Site... " Enter the following address: or, then click on OK.

Return on the tab " Available Software " Select Android components to be installed, then click "Install". In the following window, click "Next". Accept " license agreement "; and click "Finish". Finally, restart Eclipse.

If an error arose with the automatic download of the plugin Android, you can download directly the file (or a more recent version) from the address You save this file in the directory " C:\Android\download "

You start in the stage Click "Add Site", to the right of the fields where you inform the address, click the button "Archives" and select the file previously loaded, " C:\Android\download\ ". Then resume the following stages to finalize the installation of the plugin Android.